US Attorney General Sessions Signals Change in Marijuana Policy

We all know that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level in the U.S. This illegality has made it impossible for the states that have legalized marijuana to enjoy the full effect. This is especially for the banks that are instrumental in keeping the money flowing. Things might be changing, but it is all about speculation right now. This comes at a time when the Attorney General Sessions is making headlines on marijuana and opioid use in the U.S.

Sessions has hinted to possible changes in the enforcement of marijuana law at the federal level. This was during a press conference held on last Wednesday. He claimed that more measures would be put in place to address the use of opioid. He also hinted that the Justice Department would have a laissez-faire approach towards marijuana in the states where it is already legal.

There is no doubt that the Justice Department is still hard on marijuana right now. This has been going on for a long time even during the Obama administration where prosecutors would fully enforce the marijuana law at the federal law.

What led to change in perception?

For a long time, Sessions has had a hard stand on the use of marijuana. In his view, marijuana is still detrimental and should not be encouraged for people to keep using it. He further claims that it is still illegal at the federal level and allowing it would be federal violation. He had lengthy meetings with professionals who have handled marijuana before to understand the fascination of the drug recently. He said that as much as it is illegal, they are looking to come up with a rational policy. Even if that is the case, it does not mean that he is endorsing it and people should use it gladly.

Politician promises

It seems like legalizing marijuana in several states has been the priority for most politicians. The same has been experienced in Connecticut, where the gubernatorial candidates are advocating for the legalization of marijuana. In the 1st debate of the candidates, most of them were for the idea that marijuana should be legalized in the state. It is the current governor Daniel Malloy that seems to be against the idea of legalizing marijuana.

A Democrat Dan Drew claims that he will sign the bill into law if elected. He further said that many people today are suffering with various ailments and cannabis could come in handy to help with the situation. Other candidates seemed to share the same sentiments that having marijuana legalized would help in dealing with the black market that is already thriving in the state.

It is amazing that even Jonathan Harris, a former consumer protection commissioner, advocated for marijuana legalization. Of course, there had to be some cause for worry by several candidates such as Prasad Srinivasan. He is concerned about the overall public safety and public health when marijuana is legalized in the state.

San Francisco has already approved for the marijuana sales to begin on January 5., 2018. The Board of Supervisors has voted on Tuesday to approve the regulations need to monitor recreational marijuana sales. Finally, it is happening, which should make the residents happy with recreational marijuana being available. The supervisors also voted to have a buffer of 600-ft from schools and stores that are likely to have easy access by children.

Medical marijuana and opioid addiction

The problem of opioid addiction is a big problem in the U.S. with many people dying from it. There has been the need to tame the addiction as expressed by the President. Well, it might seem that medical marijuana could come in handy to help with fighting the addiction. This comes after Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to Alex Azar suggesting that the administration to conduct a study on how medical marijuana could reduce opioid addiction.

The letter from the senator also seeks to answer questions if medical marijuana could be used to replace opioid related drugs in handling some conditions. With the use of opioid on the minimum, this could help with bringing the addiction down for many Americans. Also, the study would bring out more benefits of marijuana that we probably did not know.

We can now wait and see what changes might be effected in the marijuana policy as suggested by Sessions.

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