Saskatoon Weekend Event Unites Cannabis Community

Residents in Saskatoon, located in the Saskatchewan province of Canada, are eagerly anticipating the legal sale of recreational marijuana, which is set to come into effect with outlets opening their doors to adult-use customers on July 1, 2018. As the date crawls imminently closer to becoming a reality, the cannabis community of Saskatoon gathered last weekend to converse, relax, and smoke weed.

This past weekend, the O’Brian’s Event Center hosted the seventh annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup. It ran through the weekend. Organizer of the event, Jeffrey Lundstrom, said with pride, “You know, we have had a crowded house all weekend. There has not been one argument, there has not been one fight, and if you got this many people together that were consuming alcohol, you would never see this.”

As one would expect from a gathering of marijuana lovers, the event featured several activities to keep everyone entertained weekend-long. There were strain competitions with actual judges presiding. Snacks and food were available in sheer abundance. There was live entertainment, with music and other performance acts, and there was even a question and answer session about cannabis science.

As if that was not enough to unite the pot community in Saskatoon, there were also plenty of cannabis edibles on offer for all and sundry, including the usual chocolate brownies and some highly creative dishes too. There was even a glass blower demonstrating his craft to a number of large audiences, but because of the event’s marijuana theme, only those 18-years and older were able to attend lawfully.

There were a few other rules for the event, as well. Only legitimate medical marijuana patients, with the required state and physician authorizations, were lawfully able to smoke pot at the event. Organizers ruled that the venue would only permit the use of concentrates and vapors inside, but those smoking pipes and joints had to retire to a private area behind the venue, where they could consume freely.

Prior to the event, those hosting it encouraged attendees to bring their own medical cannabis with them. For Lundstrom, it was a success. He said, “This is the most amount of people I have seen through the doors in seven years, and I think with the acceptance of cannabis becoming legal, then you start to have the normalization of what these events are like, so the general response has been really great.”

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