WHO: Medical Marijuana Has No Health Risk and Safe for Medicinal Treatment

Medical Marijuana

The latest backing for medical marijuana use comes from the most unlikely of all – the World Health Organization (WHO). If you need some for medical use, Dispensary in Santa Barbara will deliver to your doorstep.

The WHO recently declared that the CBD in pot, which gives it medicinal properties, should not be categorized as a drug.

Legalization of weed in a number of US states has caused public outcry, with several health officials cautioning the public against use on grounds that they lack enough research to declare it completely safe.

Against all odds, the WHO has after several months of deliberation and investigations said the CBD in pot is an important treatment for various conditions including palliative care and epilepsy and is non-addictive.

Had the WHO decided to be against CBD, individuals relying on medical marijuana could have found themselves in a big mess as doctors could have been discouraged from prescribing the substance.

The report was published in December 13, and also recommended that authorities should fully impose the restrictions available on fentanyl, a man-made opioid that has adverse negative side effects on users and has already claimed the lives of several American drug users.

According to the report, several member states are developing interest in weed use, especially with regards to the treatment of various medical conditions.

The WHO has during the past few years been actively engaged in studying medical marijuana and managed to gather plenty of information pertaining to the use andimpact on the human body of cannabis and related products.

The authors of the report concluded that based on evidence from human and animal studies, marijuana use could have some curative abilities for seizures caused by epilepsy and other conditions.

They also criticized legislative authorities for scheduling weed based on current information yet it doesn’t justify this and added that individual cannot get addicted to THC by consuming medical weed. THC is the one responsible for people getting high when they take weed.

Raul Elizalde, a Mexican father with an epileptic daughter and who always found himself on the wrong side of the law as he struggled to get her treatment, said he was delighted with this decision.

This Mexican father is known for the battle he put up with the government so medical marijuana could be legalized to help individuals like his daughter Grace. He says that she could suffer more than 100 seizures daily.

He has expressed his delight with the WHO’s decisions, adding that they tried all sorts of medications and surgeries for their daughter, all in vain. Elizalde says whey they tried weed, Grace’s situation improved.

The battle for pot legalization is on, but with major organizations such as the WHO supporting use, the legalization battle will eventually be won. Marijuana Dispensary Santa Barbara and other industry stakeholders are expecting rapid changes in the law so they can run their businesses in an efficient manner.

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