Cannabis: Health Effects of Recreational and Medical Use


Marijuana is today widely used around the world. In the U.S. medical marijuana has been legalized in over 29 states. There have been steps to legalize recreational cannabis. So far, 8 states and D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use. This should intrigue most people to think how marijuana affects their health.

We all know that cannabis is a mind-altering drug and can cause different effects based on a person’s tolerance and marijuana strain. Some marijuana strains can give you physical effects, while others give you the cerebral high. Today, you can buy marijuana from any marijuana dispensary in Santa Barbara if you have your medical card. It is however important to understand the various effects of cannabis before you can start using it.

Cannabis short term effects

Depending on the THC levels in the marijuana strain, you can expect to get high fast or slow. What is definite is that you will get high. This is what makes a person more relaxed, a bit of alteration to the senses, and can cause sleeping. Some people will end up with impaired thinking and coordination. It is the reason you are not supposed to drive when you are high on marijuana. Without proper coordination, it might be impossible to drive the car properly on the road.

To some people, it might make them paranoid. They would not be aware of their surroundings anymore. You can also expect some physical effects when using marijuana. Some of these effects include slurred speech, dry mouth, and increased heart rate.

Depending on just how strong the weed is, expect that such effects might last for up to four hours sometimes. The performance impairments might last for longer than just 4 hours.

Cannabis long term effects

Smoking will always have some effect on your respiratory system. For most people, smoking marijuana could lead to irritation of the lungs. This would lead to a few problems with your breathing such as coughing a lot, excess mucus, and worsening conditions such as asthma. When marijuana is used during pregnancy, then it could harm the baby.

You can buy marijuana in Santa Barbara dispensaries, but it does not mean you have to be a heavy user. Most of the long term effects are caused by having to be dependent on marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

The biggest problem of marijuana seems to be with the youth. At this age, their brain is still developing and marijuana could have an impact on it. Such reasons are what have caused some opposition in areas where marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes. Most parents feel this would make it impossible to control their teens from accessing marijuana.

Medical Cannabis benefits

The whole idea of having marijuana legalized in the U.S. is still controversial. Some people are for it while others simply do not want it. One thing that has made marijuana popular should be the medical marijuana. People can now use marijuana to deal with various ailments. The medical marijuana is needed to treat patients rather than getting them high.

Medical marijuana is commonly used for treating conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, cancer, and many more. It is expected that more conditions might be added to the list once more research is done. We do not just want to recommend marijuana to everyone.

As much as it is possible to easily buy cannabis in Santa Barbara, it should be used appropriately. There is no point of using too much marijuana that you end up getting wasted than benefitting from it. Just make sure to use marijuana with caution so that you can benefit from it always.

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